Ornamental Coffins and related items can be made to order and to your specifications, P.O.A.

I appologise in advance for any offence caused by the items on this page. These item are intended for the Gothic community and those that like a touch of the unusual and the macabre. We are in no way being disrepectful to deceased persons or their families.

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Pet Coffins

We can now offer a range of tasteful made to measure, lined (or unlined), coffins and caskets for that final resting place for your much loved pets; at prices to suit all pockets.

Altar cabinet (or other uses) Black stained pinewood. Two drawers (coffin) lined with red faux silk. Engraved pentagram and ornamental feature. Made by Spooktacula Exclusive Designs. £89.99 as seen or can be filled with altar items at extra cost.

As above
As above
Black laquered table with engraved pentagram SOLD
Empty Coffin shape boxes, approximately 14.5 inches long £19.99
Black wooden paneled, with planked lid. Brass handles and vampire bat.
Lined in purple silk hmmmmm. £495.00 SOLD
Mahoganied pine paneled Coffin antique Brass handles. Lined in red Silk with toughened glass lid.
Made for local Sword collector to display the actual sword used in the Dracula film. SOLD £895.00
Full size coffin, complete with corpse and trestle made for a theatretrical production £1695.00 SOLD Small (3ft 6in) Varnished Pine Coffin Lined with Red Silk Satin and Trimmed with Braid by Spooktacula shop soiled hence £195.00 SOLD
ADAM 2  

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