Many items are handmade under our own exclusive Spooktacula label, other gift items are supplied by reputable manufacturers. All our own brand garments are carefully stitched and hand finished to exclusive specifications, no two garments are exactly alike.

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Spooktacula Interiors and Curious Goods including: Vintage, Retro, antiques, unique clothing and furniture collection, shabby chic. Online here or on ebay

Main outlet for Pagan and Witchcraft supplies. Ritual, ceremonial, goth, vamp clothing, dress cloaks and capes.

Extensive range of magickal requisites for all you apprentice sorcerers, witches and spellworkers out there.


**Please note all prices are subject to post & packing charges. 50% of the full quoted price is required on placing an order for all commissioned items **

Handmade Soaps
Handmade luxury soap with the 'Spooktacula' ghost, made with pure essential oils. Not tested on animals. Just one of our superb range.
Gothic and Vamp Clothing
Spell Kits from £1.99
We stock a wide range of both new and secondhand Goth, Vampire and classic clothing. Cloaks, capes, robes, etc.
Many other items available including chalices, staves, spell kits, magikal oils, etc.
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4ft Coffin *Special* £160 plus carriage
£159 plus carriage
Sterling Silver

14.5" x 8.5" x 6.5" deep

Altar Box £79.99 plus post and packing (if sold seperately would cost £101.37 contains new and used items)



Brass bowl with lid for spent spells

Pair Brass candlesticks

Brass Athame representation with wooden handle

Brass, crystal and glass wand, hand made, ornamental

Small brass altar bell

Small brass flower vase

Black satin 23"x17" Altar cloth with with pentagram with green outline stitching

Small brass salt or herb dish, leaf shaped

4" diameter pentagram altar plaque, silver colour

small onyx pestle and mortar

Brass goblet (full size)

Black resin offering dish with pentagram design

2 white candles

1 green candle

1 red candle

Cone incense holder

Gas lighter

6 incense cones

Cord Magick kit

Small altar mirror (for mirror spells) emboidered back with letter S

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Spell Kits from £8.99

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