Spooktacula's own 'Arts and Crafts' pages. All handmade under our own exclusive Spooktacula label. New items are constantly being added. Although some of the items may have been sold, it is always worth enquiring as we may have something similar in production. All our own brand garments are carefully stitched and hand finished to exclusive specifications, no two garments are exactly alike.

Spooktacula is a Trade Mark and is © copyright to Brenda Diskin and Mick Timmins, 2005

Small Circle of Friends incense or tealight holder £4.99
Ouija Board and Planchette -2 designs £9.99
Double sided Chakra charts £1.99
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Mini smudge kit £1.99
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Wooden Runic Talisman and pouch £2.50
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Spells - we can create spells to cater for your individual needs

To stay within the confines of law we have to offer our spell products as curiosity items only and can make no claims as to their effectiveness. The information presented here is from folklore, legend and our own extensive experience. All known safety information about products has been given, but we cannot take responsibility for misuse. None of our products should be taken internally. Please keep all items away from children and animals. We presume people using our products and information to be in a state of good mental health, if you are not then please consult a qualified doctor/mental health worker to check whether our products and information are suitable for you.

Spooktacula, its parent and sister companies, its founders and associates accept no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage or injury, caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by our products or information.

Health spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky blue pouch by Spooktacula
Luck spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky golden yellow pouch by Spooktacula
Protection spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky purple pouch by Spooktacula
Wealth spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky green pouch by Spooktacula
Love spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky pink pouch by Spooktacula
Contents of spell kits
Attraction spell kit £8.99 - contains everything you need to cast this spell in a silky red pouch by Spooktacula
Dream Mirror spell - Love by Spooktacula £2.99 Dream Mirror spell - Luck by Spooktacula £2.99
Heal pain spell - £2.99 by Spooktacula Knot spell - multi purpose by Spooktacula £1.99
Money spell kit by Spooktacula £1.99 Peace spell kit by Spooktacula £2.99
Simple money spell by Spooktacula £2.99 Specially made spell for Self Empowerment by Spooktacula £9.99
Cord Magic Spell (Gold) - multi purpose by Spooktacula £8.99 Getting over a person spell by Spooktacula £1.99
Large purple Altar cloth (approx 44inches by 40.5 inches) made from heavy satinised fabric with Silver printed pentagram in centre and silver and gold lace trim by Spooktacula Exclusive Designs £24.99
Large blue vintage velvet Altar cloth (approx 37 inches by 36.5 inches) made from heavy cotton velvet fabric with Gold printed pentagram in centre and gold loop fringe trim handmade by Spooktacula Exclusive Designs £35

Medium oak varished pinewood altar box with engraved pentagram in lid. Approximately 18 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. Lined with black patterned purple satinette material trimmed with black fringed braid.

The 34 Altar items included in the box are a mixture of new and used items consecrated and blessed by an experienced Shamanic witch.


Used items:

S/H silver plate goblet, S/H silver plate libation dish, S/H vase/candleholder, S/H pair of silver plate short chamber stick candle holders, S/H terracota pestle and mortar.

New items:

2 white, 1 green, 1 red, 1 blue candles. 1 boxed set of incense, 1 box patchouli incense sticks. 1 black satin altar cloth with silver pentagram with hand stitched outline, approximately 20 inches by 24 inches. 1 printed witches rede. 1 air represent feather with pentagram pendant with red stone attached. 1 hand turned wooden dagger/athame with metal pentagram on end of handle.1 cord magic kit. 1 sachet of purification bath in voile pouchette. 1 black resin pentagram altar ornament. 1 small sachet of salt, 1 small sachet of white sage, 1 small sachet of grave dirt. 8 sachets of assorted herbs including: allspice, slippery elm, galangal root, St John's wort, vervain, red sandalwood, tonka beans, whole aniseed. 1 x 10ml bottle of Power oil. 1 decorative incense holder. 1 disposable gas lighter.

Hand made and chosen by Spooktacula. £145.00.

Hurry as this is a one off item.

A truly beautiful item which will become a prized possession.

See above
Portable altar box SOLD
Leather bound book of shadows
sepia tine pages on heavy parchment £125.00 *SOLD*
Air represent feather 1 by Spooktacula £4.99
Crystal tip style staff £29.99

Brown Faux Leather cover with gold pentagram design. 50 + A4 size printed pages plus blanks. Sepia toned graphics and black text printed on quality cream parchment. Contains: list of herbs, spells, invoking and banishing pentagrams, witches rede and much more. Coach bolt and wing nut fastening for easy addition of own pages.


Please see sample pages left and above. Hand made by Spooktacula. £49.99

Lovely gift for the witch in your life.

Large woven altar box by Spooktacula £79.99 SOLD others in stock Magickal Herbs list £2.99
Oak staff with etched pentagram £29.99 Portable Coffiin Altar Box by Spooktacula £39.99
Medium sized Altar cloth by Spooktacula £9.99 SOLD Staves
Handmade wooden athame 1 by Spooktacula £16.99 Wooden Pentagram platter £1.50

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