Many items are handmade under our own exclusive Spooktacula label, other gift items are supplied by reputable manufacturers. All our own brand garments are carefully stitched and hand finished to exclusive specifications, no two garments are exactly alike.

Spooktacula is a Trade Mark and is © copyright to Brenda Diskin and Mick Timmins, 2013

Spooktacula Interiors and Curious Goods including: Vintage, Retro, antiques, unique clothing and furniture collection, shabby chic. Online here or on ebay

Main outlet for Pagan and Witchcraft supplies. Ritual, ceremonial, goth, vamp clothing, dress cloaks and capes.

Extensive range of magickal requisites for all you apprentice sorcerers, witches and spellworkers out there.


**Please note all prices are subject to post & packing charges. 50% of the full quoted price is required on placing an order for all commissioned items **


SPI Book Ghostly Experiences £4.99 plus P&P.

(this can be dedicated to a person of your choice and signed by the author for an extra 50p)


Gifts for all the family
Candles, Incense, Oil Burners
Handmade soaps
Magical Oils and Baths
Unusual and Gothic Clothing
Magazines and books
Unusual and hand made items
In house Medium and Healer
Workshops and Courses
Ghost Hunt nights and events
Telephone for details of our courses, workshops and clairvoyant evenings or visit our Sacred Earth site

Sheffield Paranormal investigations


Full spell kits containing spell, candles, oil, incense blend, charcoal disc, purification bath and charm in attractive organza bag. Ideal Gift


plus P&P


We can also make spells to your specifications POA



Handmade witch stone Oracle set £4.99p

plus P&P



Runic Talisman £2.50

plus P&P


Handmade massage oils 50ml various blends prices on application

We can make up blends for your specific needs

See notes below for hand made magical and healing bath salts.

Excellent skin creams top quality made with pure essential oils

Aloe vera, anti wrinkle, hemp

£5.99 each

plus P&P

Magical oil blends for ritual and healing made to order in 10ml bottles various prices

We can make up blends for your specific needs


Pagan supplies including hand made staffs, wands, capes, cloaks, herbs and resins.

Due to the size of staffs they are for COLLECTION ONLY

Most of our soaps suitable for vegans large range of fragrances. sold by weight at very competitive prices.

Also we could possibly make your favourite soap blend.


Weekly Psychic development circle, Monthly Moot , Monthly creative writing workshop and Monthly clairvoyant evenings in Sheffield

Hand cast bats, coffins, incense holder, skulls and other gothic ornaments


Large range of gift items coming soon mini altars, pure air freshners and room cleansers.
Wide range of coloured candles for ritual and spell work 50p - £1 each
Top quality essential and base oils at low prices

Tick tack Toe


Tick tack Toe


Coffin Ash Catchers


4" Skulls Black, Grey and Cream


Solid Pentagram Plaques

7" Diameter


Pentagram Plaques

7" Diameter



Pentagram Gothic Mirror


No two exactly alike

Small Skulls and Bast Cats

Cat 4" high



Various Spells

Made to order to suit your requirements all enquiries welcome

We also stock Runes, Jewellery, Pendulums and crystals.

Easy spells from £1.99

(plus P&P ) 

**Please note although every care is taken when producing all of these spells and magickal oils Spooktacula and it associates take no responsibility for the outcome. Please remember we only supply the ingredients it is your energy and the Universe that determines whether the spell works.**
Mid Range - £2.99 each


Dream Mirror Spells - Love, Luck £4.99 each



Special Order - i.e. Self empowerment £9.99 - £19.99 each , P&P to be calculated

Contact us with your requirements for a quote


Individual Portable Altar Sets

Made to order prices and P&P vary



(all supplied in an attractive organza bag - Ideal gift)

With high quality pure essential oils Blends available....
Colds / Stimulating
Dream Enhancer
Flowery Love Bath
Heightened Awareness
Lemon and Patchouli
PMT Rescue Remedy
Pure Passion
Relaxing Flowery
Relaxing Yet Refreshing
Relieve Muscle Tension
Sleep Promoting
Toning / Morning Muscle Relief
Total Relax

Other blends and magical baths made to order from £2.99 (P&P £2.50 per bath salt)


Mail order available for smaller items.
Portable Altar box made to customers specifications.

We stock a wide range of Pestle and Mortars, Stone, Wooden, Pot and Metal.

These are very heavy, postage will be very high for these items. Some will need to be COLLECTED

Portable Altar box and Empty Coffin Boxes

14" x 7"

Coffin boxes are hand made, matt black with brass handles


Goblets and Chalices, various sizes. Runes stones and Oracle sets.
Various wands from hand made to the quite ornate.


Antique ox blood leather bound
chamois textured Paper
Sepia toned pictures on each page

Expandable book of shadows. Each cover is idividually handmade.

Containing approx 60 plus printed A4 pages and some blank pages for your own workings.

Chamois coloured textured parchment paper with beautiful sepia toned graphics.Divided into sections with lovely printed headed divider sheets.

From £35.00 Made to order

Occult black wood and skulls
Stained cherry with pentagram
Sample of our portable altar boxes
Ouija board and planchette £9.99 (plus P&P)
Aleister Crowley Blended Oil 10ml £8.99 (plus P&P)

Items in our Studio Shop can be viewed by appointment in Sheffield

Telephone 0754 3677250 or email for details of our courses, workshops and clairvoyant evenings.

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