Spooktacula's own 'Arts and Crafts' pages. All handmade under our own exclusive Spooktacula label. New items are constantly being added. Although some of the items may have been sold, it is always worth enquiring as we may have something similar in production. All our own brand garments are carefully stitched and hand finished to exclusive specifications, no two garments are exactly alike.

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I appologise in advance for any offence caused by these bears, that was was never the intention. They are based on characters and scenes from horror movies and their names are a play on words. They are intended for the adult collector and are not suitable for children. Each bear is a limited edition and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.
No two 'Dead Time Bears' are identical as they are all individually hand made

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Frankie Bearstein" by Spooktacula© £39.99

(play on Frankenstein and beer stein)

Each bear comes in its own authentic coffin.

More characters are to be added but they are not suitable for those of a nervous disposition!!!!

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Paw Topsy Bear" by Spooktacula© £39.99

(play on autopsy, and a story book girls name

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Batty Bear" by Spooktacula© £39.99 SOLD

(play on bat and a term for crazy)

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Wolfie Were Bear" by Spooktacula© £39.99 SOLD

(play on Werewolf)

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Count Bearcula" by Spooktacula© £39.99 SOLD

(play on Dracula)

'Count Bearcula's coffin
Mummy Bear's coffin

'Dead Time Bears'™ "Mummy Bear" by Spooktacula© £39.99 SOLD

(play on an Egyptian mummified body)

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